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An Action Group has been established to challenge the Minimum Fees Regulations relating to lawyers in Cyprus

George Lambis​​
Fairness In Fees Limited

Cyprus lawyers overcharge fees
The practice of minimum fees applied to contracts, wills, estates and other out of court work
Counsel's legal arguments submitted were very powerful
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The legislation relating to minimum fees charged by lawyers in Cyprus has now been repealed.

We are indeed delighted with the European Commission action on this matter.

Next steps ​​

Counsel is Mr Robert O’Donoghue QC of Brick Court Chambers. 

Counsel’s view in Legal Opnion, is that minimum fee practices are in clear breach of the price fixing and cartel provisions of Article 101 of the European Treaty and are therefore unlawful in European law. They create a serious distortion of competition in the legal market by setting a ‘floor’. Minimum fees set by professional regulators in Europe have been found to violate Article 101(1) by the Commission, the European Court of Justice and national competition authorities.

Counsel's view is that members of the public could bring actions for recovery of overpaid fees.

Fairness In Fees Limited now also has Legal Opinion from a highly respectable legal firm in Cyprus which supports Counsel's view.

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